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Why Choose Us

The Value of Longevity and Expertise in Our Support Staff

Unlike other companies, we do not tell how many years of experience our company has, but in Support Staff, longevity of work support we do, and the expertise of our employees tells.

Combining affordability and low-cost effective labor workforce, we guarantee quality and committed support from our talented and skilled employees.

We allow our clients to manage their respective teams, tools, office, and policies that do not contradict Philippine labor laws. From simple to complicated administrative support, we got it all for you!

We do not have technology! Yes, you are right about what you read. We do not create technology because we are not a tech company, but we have excellent experienced employees to support your technology that you would like to use and implement in the working place. From productivity to facility and security of the technologies provided by our client, Support Staff embraces it with full support from our employees. Our tight security especially data does not only come from high end technology but also legal papers that all employees signed for liability.

Our company is not hard to please, especially in making selections. Start-ups, small to large scale businesses wanted to outsource their work in the Philippines, Support Staff accepted without doubt. Either you need 1 or 2 staff, 10 or even hundreds of workers, our Human Resource Department is always ready to provide the best employees that suit your needs for every project we have or we are about to have. We do not pick what industries we serve instead, it is from A to Z.

Yes, we have facilities. A first-class facility with dual high-speed internet connection and back-up generators located in a high-rise building near restaurants and in accessible transportation. Security of data and employees in our office is very solid and strict. We do not allow our employees to work remotely for some security reasons instead we in-house them in our happy working environment workplace.