No gimmicks, no tricks! Support Staff was built with strong honesty, integrity, transparency, sincerity and commitment from workers to our clients for unending working relationships.


Experienced, Talented and Smart workers

We are here to support your business offshore. We are not a staffing agency; hence, we hire and employ staff to be our and/or your employees to help or assist your business.

We work closely to grow your business efficiently and cost effectively. Feel at ease at Support Staff while we are working on your projects so you can focus your attention on the growth of your business.

Why Choose Us?

We allow our clients to manage their team if they want too, tools, offices, and policies that does not contravene in Philippine labor laws. From simple to complex administrative support jobs, support staff got it all for you!


We have excellent experienced employees to support your technology.

Who We Serve?

Start-ups, small to large scale businesses .

Our Facility

A first-class facility with dual high-speed internet connection .

Our Services

Support Staff skill is LEADERSHIP! Why? We organize people to reach the same shared goal whether they are ordinary staff, lead a project or management team where we motivate them to complete a series of tasks in a timely manner. The talented PEOPLE that surrounds us is our SKILL.

Not in the list you are looking for, let us know by sending a message at clientmanager@supportstaffph.com.

To Our Clients And Partners!

You do not have to spend dollars for registration or percentage fee or make deposits to online freelancing sites or upfront fee to company’s you would like to outsource before you can hire employees to work on your projects. In Support Staff, we value the simplicity not complexity of business negotiations with our clients. We will train your offshore team to work efficiently and effectively.

No to registration fee instead, we offer a 2-week FREE TRIAL of the tasks you would like to test from us. Sounds funny right! You may think we are promoting cosmetic products? No, we are not. It is a service from our employees we sell. Leave no trace if not satisfied with the pilot stage of free trial without spending single cents.